Dear Parents / Guardians and all our well wishers,

Welcome to Choprajhar Green Valley Academy (CGVA), where educational excellence meets a nurturing environment. As the Principal of CGVA, I am honored to lead a dedicated team of educators and staff who are committed to providing a holistic and enriching educational experience to our students. At CGVA, we believe that education goes beyond textbooks; it’s about character development, critical thinking, and preparing our students to become responsible global citizens.

At CGVA, our mission is clear: to empower young minds with knowledge, instill values, and inspire a lifelong love for learning. We strive to create an atmosphere where students can explore their passions, discover their potential, and develop the skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world. Our holistic approach to education encompasses not only academic excellence but also the nurturing of creativity, leadership, and social responsibility.

Our educational philosophy at CGVA is rooted in the belief that every child is unique and has the potential to excel. We embrace diversity and recognize the individual strengths and talents of each student. Our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to provide a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence at CGVA. Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous and engaging, challenging students to reach their full potential. We continuously invest in professional development and innovative teaching methods to ensure that our students receive a world-class education that prepares them for success in any field they choose to pursue.

Education is not just about what happens inside the classroom; it’s about preparing students for life. At CGVA, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, sports, and community service opportunities to help students develop a well-rounded personality. We believe in nurturing not only the mind but also the heart.

We understand the importance of collaboration between school, parents, and the community. At CGVA, we foster strong partnerships with parents, encouraging open communication and involvement in the education of their children. We also engage with the community to create a supportive network that enhances the overall growth and development of our students.

I am proud to lead Choprajhar Green Valley Academy, and I am excited about the journey ahead. Together with our dedicated team, we will continue to provide a nurturing and enriching environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education, and I look forward to seeing our students grow and succeed at CGVA.

With Thanks & Regards
Mr.Ashim Roy