School is a place of learning and leading a child to knowledge. It is a place. to Strengthen, encourage and enlighten the mind of students towards the formation, wholesome development, enlightening and encouraging. It starts from home with the help of parents and guardians. Children are much more impressed by the language, behaviour and activities of parents, guardians and environment. Therefore in the initial step the main responsibility of forming and moulding the child remains with parents. And once the child is admitted in the school the responsibility of parents does not cease but it continues with their cooperation with teachers in school. At home parents are the first teachers but in school teachers are the firs t helpers and guide to the children. In a sense after coming to school the child develops the skill learnt from his/her parents. The teacher works like a catalyst and helps them, moulds them and brings the min to the habit of reading, writing and Speaking.
Therefore it is only our collective effort that could help the child achieve success, as the child proceed s in learning many things could be achieved with self learning and self meditation. Learning is the great result of action and meditation,helped by teachers in school and by parents at home.This is a continuous process.
For me nothing is more satisfying than to see our effort becoming fruitful and making us the part of the progress and transformation. Green Valley Academy seeks to provide equal opportunities in education to all without any distinction to cast,creed and religion.Therefore we are trying to impart knowledge through joint effort of all school staff and Management Committee.In the complex world of today ,our nation requires true nationalists for the reformation and prosperity .So we have made ourselves to maintain the mission to empower all our students to be problem solve men of modern technology,effective communicators and lifelong learners.They must be able to experience and see the rapidly changing global community where they could face the challenges in a safe caring,supportive and cooperative environment and prepare themselves as to be successful and delighted in the highly competitive and challenging future global scenario.