• We believe in “A child learns in self”.So we provide a friendly environment for the children.

  • The School believes in “We learn to fly but we must learn to move on earth first.

  • The school gives due stress to inculcate moral values among its students.Two of the basic moral values on which due stress is given are Respect and Responsibility.The other few are honesty,fairness,tolerance,prudence,co-operation,helpfulness,self discipline and courage.

  • Literary activities are one of the ways of total development.We have lots of literary activities,e.g.Elocution,Essay Writing,Storytelling and writing,Quiz,Calligraphy etc.

  • Taking part in group projects/activities is compulsory for each and every student from Standard One onwards.

  • Availability of School Transport.

  • Emphasis on Co-Curricular activities-Quiz,Debate,Art & Public Speaking.

  • Physical Exercise,Khoko,Kabaddi & Karate Coaching,Volleyball.