Dear Parents,Guardians,and all our well wishers,

We are still in the state of growing.I feel happy to see the cooperation,consideration,and unceasing work done by our teachers,workers and everyone given with some or other responsibilities.I specially appreciate the teachers working for the development of the children and the school,never heard No attitude in their work. Each member of the school Teaching and Non ­teaching staffs are devoted for the overall development of the meritorious as well as the needy students for the future generation,which is expected to adorn the society and the Nation.We are reaching out to the remote corners of the villages. I keep reckoning all parents, guardians and the school management giving their whole hearted sole on work keeping nothing behind for the great cause,and that is the development of the children. This is   a unique ‘Schooling of Excellence’ in order to train young minds to face challenges in this modern technological growing world. It is a child

Centric work to which every one is bound .It includes the student’s wellbeing, education discipline manners ,etiquettes ,behavior and attitudes and wholesole development. The learning from life gives the strength to tolerance .Our aim is to produce students who would be the pearls in the Society ,helping and becoming strength and power for the country and selflessly work for the human I being without any discrimination. I feel proud to speak about the wonderful work of the teachers and the students creating history in the existence of GreenValley Academy ,of course with an unbelievable support and co-operation of parents, guardians and the management.

It’s a perfect time to exercise your challenges and secure the future of your child. School is the place of formation of discipline and character. In the present situation it is not possible only through the working of school and teachers. We are in great need of the support of parents and guardians and this is where I look forward for the helping hands of the parents ,and also their active participation in the formation of the students.We like to create the opportunity for the students to take part and to help them grow and to become a well experienced men and women of the world.I believe they will be ready to face the challenges in their life. Our child centric approach will certainly bring wonders to the children. Dear Parents and Guardians you are welcomed to the school to share, and care for everything that is needed for the growth and development of the School.

Hence we appreciate your concern.

Thank you.