The mission of Choprajhar Green Valley Academy is to provide nurturing, stimulating child centred learning environment.
children will leave CGVA having acquired not only key learning skills but also life skills involving healthy relationships, caring about others and the sense of responsibility for the world we live in. They learn from the positive environment gaining from all the diversity the children themselves bring to the classroom.
We believe that:

  • children learn best in a safe secure environment, filled with learning opportunities.
  • Children learn best when they are happy, listened to, and feel that adults value their ideas and suggestions.
    *Learning should be child centered, with children encouraged in their creativity and give the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves.
  • Each child that comes to CGVA has special gifts that should be nurtured and incorporated into lessons to benefit others, leading to a community of learners.
  • Students are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential through a comprehensive curriculum that recognizes different learning styles.
  • CGVA ensures each student receives the support they need.